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AMAC Kicks off Drive to Save Social Security

“We need to Save Social Security, and we need to save it now”
Dan Weber, AMAC President and Founder

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Kicking off a national drive to get support for AMAC’s proposal to keep the Social Security program solvent for the next 75 years, Weber, who heads the 1.2 million member organization of older Americans, said “There is a simple, painless solution to fixing what is wrong with our Social Security system that is gathering bi-partisan support. We’ll be getting our message out to the people to urge their Senators and Representatives to join together in this effort.”

There are two problems that threaten the system, according to AMAC. People are living a lot longer, and there are less workers putting money into the system. Combined, these situations create a tremendous pressure on the financial stability of Social Security.

The AMAC solution provides for a setback in the age for people to begin to receive Social Security benefits along with an adjustment on the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), while at the same time allowing for a new Social Security IRA. The proposal is adapted from proposals from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and others that have so far failed to take hold.

Weber said, “By including a supplemental payroll deductible IRA, the plan would help workers to have an additional windfall of between $165,000 and $350,000 in addition to the regular earned Social Security benefits when reaching retirement age.”

When asked about the prospects of it being passed into law with all the fighting that seems to be going on in Washington DC, Weber said “I don’t believe this is a Do-Nothing Congress. The AMAC proposal is a win-win solution for all, and the time has come for us to ensure that Social Security continues to be here for our children and grandchildren.”

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8 years ago

keep the gov. out of the funds that are set up to help the needy people.
as far as I can see all these gov programs is just a way that the gov. has to get into my bill fold.
we need to get the gov. out of our affairs.
all these gov. programs are just socialism at work.
if the people ever wake and get big gov. out of our life’s we will be a lot better off.
government is not the answer it’s the problem.
wake up America.

Phil Franco
9 years ago

I believe social Security can be fixed by:
-Raising the retirement age to 70, phased in as it was when raised to 67. Early retirement is raised to 65 or 60, if disabled.
-Tax the entire wage base, as for Medicare. I don’t think affected wage earners will be negatively impacted and this measure will silence the socialists who claim “the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes.”

Paulette DeJarnett
10 years ago

I am looking for the answer to Social Security publication 915 to figure my combined income. Where do I get this Information? HELP! Thank You!

10 years ago

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10 years ago

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10 years ago

kendra326 on September 4, 2011 I just had a baby girl about a month ago and so I love that they offer bfeutiaul organic burp cloths. The bubblegum chocolate mouse colors are absolutely adorable. I love that their products are organic because we are a green family as much as we can be.

10 years ago

I have worked in child wefrale for approximately four years. When I initially began at the agency where I continue to work, I only took the position because it was offered to me, not too long after graduating with my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. However, the more I worked with children and families, the more I realized this was the avenue where I needed to be. It didn’t take long to realize this work was going to affect me throughout all my life. I love the services that I have been able to provide to children and families in need. I believe social work is an empowering line of work, not only for how it makes me feel, but for also the empowerment of the clients we serve. I like one of the previous comments on the blog that states we must stay empowered to empower others. This statement is very accurate. If we do not realize the abilty we have to empower others in this line of work, individuals may continue to face the struggles in their lives that brought them to the situation to receive services. We live in a very challenging world today and the belief in ourselves and our ablity to help others is imperative.

10 years ago

about my statement. “Your Social Security Statement is a cnicose, easy-to-read personal record of the earnings on which you have paid Social Security taxes during your working years and a summary of the estimated benefits you and your family may receive as a result of those earnings.”The estimated benefits that me and my family will receive as a result of Dr. Ralph’s earnings? NO! My earnings and SS payments, I’m led to believe, fund MY retirement benefits. Since I’m 100% confident that either (a) there will be no benefits left to dole or (b) our dollar’s value will have to be reduced to next to nothing to support me and fellow retirees, I don’t see that as a good tax or investment.It’s also framed, again – officially – by our friends in DC as a quality INSURANCE program. I quote: “The Statement shows how even young workers are building valuable protection in case they become disabled or die before they reach retirement age.” AIG has MUCH more stability than the SSA.So, Whited isn’t mischaracterizing it – – the Social Security Administration is. And I’ve lost 43% in my 401(k) but am praying at some point, I’ll be given some actual freedom to invest in whatever I choose – which WON’T be in a tax.I might suggest, Dr. Ralph, a book for you to read. It’s really a good read, well researched and written. It’s “Libertarianism: A Primer” by David Boaz. It takes a good look at Social Security and how it actually harms those the most that it was created to help.

lenora scott
10 years ago



Ivan Hoyt Washington
10 years ago
Reply to  lenora scott

Please don’t let the government dip into social security.

Be Haggard
10 years ago
Reply to  lenora scott

Mr. Obama has dug his own grave if peopl will just see and vote accodingly

10 years ago

They did a clepomte 360 from their previous Nordic look. It’s nice, but I loved those Art Nouveau illustrations they had before too!

Renee Webb
10 years ago

I feel that all Americans have been ripped off, except for the 48% that don’t pay anything should’t get anything from SS! But I’m mad as hell knowing the real problem was when the Concress,Senate and House started using SS funds for their general funds. They should pay those funds back! No more raises, no insurance, no travel fees, no expense fees etc. until it gets paid back. They also shoud only have the same Medical Insurance that we have. Maybe they will know how the American people feel about being robbed by them all!

10 years ago
Reply to  Renee Webb

In order to collect SS one MUST pay taxes into SS for a defined period of time. So if someone doesn’t pay the payroll tax they can’t collect SS. Your comment about the 48% collecting SS but not paying the tax is wrong.

Doug Nicholson
11 years ago

Something that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT: Social Security benefits are based on how much is contributed to your “account”. This so-called “tax holiday” is reducing the amount of benefits you will receive later!

david shrewsbury
11 years ago

The majority of money taken from social security was used to buy U S security bonds that our government intends to default on. Foreign countries and investors will get paid but we American people get screwed again and what will we do about it, like always nothing. In the last 50 yrs. politics have changed the politicions have come to understand how to divide and conquer the american people keep us arguing about things that never happen anyways, while there making deals behind closed doors or even now they make deals out in the open because they have become so arrogant they really dont give a dam . Do you know a just a 1 term member of house or senate gets full salary for the rest of there life also free insurance, and didnt we just find out that they can benifit from insider trading .What do we do about it we bitch, call them names , say well thats the way it is. These people are united the only special interest group they serve is themselves. Its time to stop voting Democrate or Republican with exception of a few they are in the same club. Vote for the person who convinces you that they will represent all the people and make decision based on our constitution. The people who stand up and try to tell us the truth . we laugh at we ridicule them and both parties use the media to discredit them. The truth is we have let these people take over by doing nothing if we continue to to nothing we deserve what ever we get. Today there is no reason not to know whats going on we have the internet, we can watch C span we have acess to so much information. It dont matter if your dem, or rep or what ever you are investigate on your own what these people stand for and let them know you will be watching them. Remember a government that fears its citizens is a free democracy when the citizens fear the government you are losing your liberity and freedom .

Barbara Mihalke
11 years ago

Does anyone know the history of SS? ..Roosevelt set it up to be voluntary…all the changes were made by Democratic congress & Pres…Do the Senators and Congress members (pluss their staffs) pay or do they have their own retirement system?. We need term limits. The big change came under I believe Lyndon Johnson when the funds were allowed to go to the General Budget…Al Gore’s LockBox…remember..what a joke…..!!!! And as far as Medicare and Obamacare go. When our family was young, I paid for checkups and office visits…that was why we saved for future events (like buying a house with 20-25% down). Amazing how our society has changed and not for the better. Very sad. When the government gives freebee’s, nothing is appreciated and it becomes a RIGHT. Americans are very spoiled..enough, i’s too depressing.

Charles Colburn
11 years ago

When S.S. was inacted it was called old age asistance.Let that be what the fund is for and nothing else. Only elgeable people would be people who paid in for 10 years or more.

11 years ago

Also that money was supposed to be kept out of the General Fund. If it is being used for other things, it is no wonder that we don’t have the money. I have worked and paid into SS since I was 14 years old. That is over 50 years. There are many people like me out there that are not retired yet and may not be able to because our Congress makes what I think are foolish decisions like this. What ever happened to living within your means. I think most older Americans do but the younger ones think everything should be handed to them on a platter.

11 years ago

I am disappointed to learn that you want to save Social Security. It’s present version is unsustainable as it is constructed and implemented with the changes the Democratic Congress made under Johnson. There needs to be a new approach recognizing the extended life spans, the declining birth rate and the increase in cost of living.

No question the Politicians in Washington have used the payments into SS for their CORRUPT vote buying schemes.

We need to return the present system to what it was founded upon and limit the distribution to what was approved way back in the 30’s.

There must be a gradual phase over to the new plan which needs to recognize that we have today a far higher educated population (even though some do not exhibit they ever went to class) that are more investment savvy than their grandparents. The system should be along the lines that Bush proposed. The individual should be managing the biggest portion of his required savings thereby taking that money out of the “cookie jar” that Congress loves to stick their fist into.

It would be well to come up with a new name for the new system to disconnect it from the stigma of the current system. The benefits and plan currently in use should not change for anyone over 60 years of age. Anyone between 50 and 60 should have their age of eligibility raised. Those under 50 should have a bi-furcated system of private account and a controlled portion with a 60/40 split private to controlled. DO NOT CALL IT GOVERNMENT!

If we do not change to name it will suffer the same ills, image and abuse as the current with the same subsequent DISTRUST!!

Bob Moore
11 years ago

As someone earlier pointed out, myself and my wife will not recoup, within our lifespans, what we and our employers have put into social security. Thus the problem of saving social security is making it responsive to changing conditions. As you pointed out earlier, the average age span has increased significantly since social security began. I believe it was between 62 and 65 at that time. If the age of elibinility were increased progressively to the present average life span, social secruity would likely become solvent for a very long time, if not for the future. A progressive increase in the age of eligibility would be the fairest approach as younger to middle aged people could still plan for their finances whereas people already in it can’t.

Incidentally we strongly favored the plan Bush proposed during his presidency and, in fact, wished it had been available when we were coming along. In fact, it was AARP’s opposition to that plan that caused us to leave the organization.

Ronald Schaaf
11 years ago

I will be as blunt and concise as I possibly can. My Social Security is MY MONEY that I have paid into as well as my employers contributions, to my account for over 50 years, not to the federal government for operating expenses. “MY MONEY” is for my retirement and that of my wife not to people who have never contributed into it. Period!

11 years ago
Reply to  Ronald Schaaf

The trouble is that every dollar you (and I) have paid into the system is gone. It’s already been spent to pay someone else’s benefits. It’s not been saved; the so called trust fund is an accounting fiction. There’s nothing in it but IOUs. So we can’t continue to push this huge unfunded liability down the road to people not even born yet. We all will have to take a hit so we can stop this Ponzi scheme from continuing. It was the first several generations of beneficiaries who really cleaned our clock, but there’s no getting the money back. It was a corrupt system from the very beginning.

10 years ago
Reply to  Ronald Schaaf

must be fair to say that the french are iuslvidnaiidtic, in a not-so-humble way. if you get past that character of them, i guess you can go along well with any other nationalities. (i don’t really buy the donation thing.)i am not fond of french people but the very few i like i really look up to. (uhm, like truffaut and godard and bazin, haha)

CJ Cook
11 years ago

First of the people in Washington that embezzled millions from social security need to return the funds. Social Security has only been funded by the workers that had it deducted from their paychecks thus it is not for anyone else to benefit from. There needs to be a system of checks and balance so no one can undermine the system now or in the future.
This goes as well for Medicare. There is too much fraud in Medicare that is draining the funds, why is not this being addressed?

11 years ago

A start of saving social security would be to look at the 24 international agreements. In most all the individual has to do is pay into the US system for 6 quarters and then he can count from his home system. However, in several foreign system spouses are paid nothing while in the US system spouse get paid even though they don’t pay in. This is putting a drain on our system which should be. The rational for the international agreements is so that people will not pay into two systems. So rewrite the agreements that people only pay into their home systems. Why should the American taxpayers have to pay for more than another country would give its citizens. Stop this fraud by our politicans.

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