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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber on NEWSMAX

AMAC CEO, Rebecca Weber joins hosts Alison Maloni on Wake up America to talk about being a suburban mom, CEO of AMAC and American!

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7 months ago

Thank you Ms Rebecca Weber for your marvelous, beautiful and insightful answers to the lovely, insightful and marvelous questions that Ms Alison Maloni asked on Wake up America; it was a pleasure listening to the both of you. You two are beautiful, gorgeous and gracious toward each other.

8 months ago

“Inflation at a record high. . .” C’mon. That’s nonsense. 1980’s saw 17-20% inflation.

8 months ago
Reply to  Luke

JUST dollar tree-25%Gas-65 %,etc.More like c’mon manOne VERY small part/example of the briben bribenflation legacy on money alone.Liar/murderer.I was around in the late 70s-80s working with and to TRY to change the Luddite trade union’s mindset.Luckily I retired in 2011 BEFORE clintonopolis’ ’93 law finished ruining his COLA adjustment/pension GUT.

Martin Plecki
8 months ago

Since Biden took office, Democrats have done nothing good for US citizens. A few examples: Stopping the Keystone Pipeline, The botched Afgan withdrawal, the continuing failure regarding the China virus, soaring inflation, soaring crime, open borders, election fraud, out of control and unnecessary spending, and on and on:-( Stop voting for Democrats. They never have your best interests in mind.

8 months ago
Reply to  Martin Plecki

In a Republican Administration the majority of New Media would be howling to the heavens in condemnation. Frankly, I content that the majority of present day news media is controlled by liberal Democrat partisan control. IOW, the majority of news media is basically a propaganda media for the Commie leaning Democratic Party.

Carl M.
8 months ago
Reply to  Martin Plecki

Never vote for them EVER! They don’t change, it’s ALWAYS the same darn outcome!!! NEVER VOTE FOR DEMS.

Mike B.
8 months ago

I’m surprised YouTube didn’t censor this. I totally agree . Keep voting for these swamp creatures, and you won’t see news like this . Vote red 22/24 .

Elile J.
8 months ago

Do or not what she says about the problem:

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