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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber Introduces President Trump at the American Freedom Tour

Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], introduced President Donald Trump at the American Freedom Tour in Houston, Texas on Saturday, January 29, an event intended to “unify an entire nation of silenced voices.”

Ms. Weber is at the helm of an association of more than 2.5 million senior citizens; the folks once called the silent majority– people “determined to see a return to civility, community and communal wellbeing in our nation.”

The American Freedom Tour events occur in arenas and convention centers from coast to coast. The gatherings attract thousands of concerned citizens.

Ms. Weber’s introductory remarks recalled the “economic disarray, a dangerous world crisis, and a political opposition that would stop at nothing to prevent your success [and] how you got right to work for the American people.” She reminded her audience that Black and Hispanic unemployment was at its lowest rate in history during President Trump’s tenure.

Weber says she is honored to have been selected to introduce Mr. Trump at his Houston gala. “I admired him from the get-go and believe that the fractured America of today can be healed and that President Trump is just the person to do the healing.”

In her speech, she says, “Some people want Americans dependent on government and politicians like themselves. But you have always wanted Americans independent and successful — Americans who are proud and free and walking tall.”

And to close her speech, Ms. Weber told her audience just “how much all of us are looking forward to your next State of The Union Address.”

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2 months ago

How can you support a lifetime grifting con man buffoon like Trump. I’m a lifetime republican embarrassed that this swamp scum could be president. You are in a cult when you worship him as your messiah. I remember when he was a democrat hanging out with Hillary and Bill, partying with his wingman Jeff Epstein joking about how Epstein “liked them young” he compulsively lies about everything and no he didn’t kick Epstein off his property. He did fall out with Epstein over real estate, not girls. Your organization has bought into a fraud who attempted to ruin our country. it’s Trump who worships communist strongmen Putin and Kim Jong Un, is he still exchanging love letters with Kim? Sick…

7 months ago

Thank you so very much for the introduction you gave to Mr Donald John Trump, our forty-fifth president of the United States of America, Ms Rebecca Weber; you did an excellent, beautiful and unifying speech that no one will be able to top that. Mr Trump you did an amazing, excellent and the very best job as President that I’ll vote for you in the year 2024; we need more courageous, outspoken and godly men who will run for the presidential candidacy. I appreciate what you did: you did what you said you would do and you did it.

7 months ago

Listening to Ms. Weber and her introduction of President Trump was very special. I just want to say Ms. Weber that you did a wonderful job in your introduction and said things for and about President Trump that we all want to say “THANK YOU”. Good job Ms. Weber. Let’s step up and do more to keep all of the good and positive reminders of what we had as a country and work to go back to a GREAT AMERICA. We need to believe in America and do something about the mess this new “fake President” has damaged so badly. We the people, freedom fighters, step up and keep fighting for America.

7 months ago

Trump won 2020 in an electorial and popular vote landslide and will win 2024 even more if he runs. What the next crisis or situation the deep state and globalists come up with, to compromise the elections in 2022 and 2024 deeply concern me, though

7 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Agree 100%

7 months ago

Rebecca, you are awesome. As I have watched you since your father passed away, You seem much more comfortable as CEO of AMAC, interviewing individuals, giving speeches and, yes, introducing President Trump. Great job. You are beautiful inside and out.

Paul D'Ascenz
7 months ago

Keep up the good work! I won’t give up the fight!God Bless America!

Ellen Cora
7 months ago

WE very much admire Rebecca Weber, AMACs CEO, and her father, Dan Weber, who founded AMAC with his wife, Judy, more than a decade ago. We also admire Pres. Trump, and think he could do more wonderful things if he were re-elected President #47.BUT without a filter on his mouth, this brilliant man has shot himself in the foot so many times, unfortunately, that many otherwise conservatives refuse to vote for him. WE would vote for TRUMP in a heartbeat… but think the GOP would be better served by running FL Gov. Ron DeSantis, with Nicky Haley as VP (a female of color — she is of Indian heritage). We DO NEED to take back America and get rid of the crime,inflation, and all the rest of the backwards garbage Biden and his ilk have wrought.

Diane Cauley
7 months ago
Reply to  Ellen Cora

We don’t need or want Rino Nicky Haley. I know many conservatives who would not vote for Nicky Haley. A winning ticket would be Trump and VP DeSantis.

7 months ago

Yes, I miss 45 very much! The Dems cheated; now are beautiful nation is in the thrash burning pile of disappointments. Thanks for this article. Is nice to know that other people can see how wonderful 45 was as a Commander and Chief. You are in my heart 45!

7 months ago

I also subscribe to Epoch Times. Most comments on there are conservative, but any article featuring Trump brings the Dem trolls out of the woodwork. Someone with bucks must be subscribing to it, as well as this paper…just so the liberal trolls can get on and make their nasty comments. Dems are very controlling pushy people.

7 months ago

Who but trolls on an Amac site would be down voting on positive comments regarding the very positive speech this report was offering…obvious.

7 months ago

The more I learn about AMAC, the more I respect it!

7 months ago

Hi Rebecca, a senior in France, where Donald Trump don t let citizens indifferent for 2024 elections. Remember the 75th birthday of the Normandy D day ,who could imagine the travels stopped in the world or very disturbed by a virus ? Congratulations Rebecca for Amac

Letts Brandon
7 months ago

Remember, it is not illegal to go to war and kill communists who take over you government and remove you president from office. If you are held as a POW you will be release once the rightful government is reinstalled. You will then be recognized as a hero.

7 months ago

This other agencies are more corrupt
1.- Judicial system is more corrupt and the worse that they turn that we are innocent until proven guilty
Their corruption now is if there is no evidence they make them up, or altered documents
2.- FBI there is more comes doing what come did
2.- CIA is quiete why???
3.- DC Police show the picture they took from the board, the janitor must have let them in. Where are the cameras who turn them off.
Nancy is weaponizing the DC police like a dog ???? to bite her opponents Republicans the police is are not her servants
No one is pushing hard enough
The republicans fallow a trail and then get lost or distracted

Michelle Hamilton
7 months ago

I am thankful for President Trump’s continued dedication to our country and her people. He cannot save America alone . . . we all need to be talking and working for the preservation of this great land and its Constitution. I support President Trump. I echo her statement, “how much all of us are looking forward to your next State of The Union Address.”

7 months ago

Amen ????

7 months ago

I try to watch everything Trump does on tv or streaming. Things were so much better then. You have to be blind and in deep denial not to see it. We the People were cheated out of our election choice.

Christina Jenny
7 months ago


7 months ago


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