AMAC Action Advocacy Annual Reports

AMAC Action Details Successful Year of Advocacy in 2021 Annual Report

AMAC Action is pleased to release our 2021 Advocacy Annual Report. There was an unprecedented level of advocacy engagement by AMAC members in 2021 that directly led to multiple legislative victories including:

  • The defeat of the “For the People Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” both of which were designed to facilitate the federalization of our elections and ensure a permanent Democrat majority
  • Election reform and integrity legislation that was passed and subsequently signed into law in Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, and Florida
  • Legislation signed into law that prevents the funding of Critical Race Theory training for public employees in Arizona
  • Preservation of the US Senate filibuster
  • Removal of a capital gains tax from budget legislation that would negatively impact retirement incomes and was endorsed by Joe Biden

AMAC members also stepped up in Virginia to work as poll watchers during the election for Governor. Thanks in large part to AMAC members, there was a high level of scrutiny that ensured the integrity of that election. AMAC-supported bills that were signed into federal law included the “Congressional Gold Medal Bill” that commemorated the sacrifice of 13 brave American service members who perished in a terrorist attack while evacuating US citizens and Afghan allies at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan and a pilot program designed to provide alternative therapy for veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

There were many advocacy successes in 2021, and they all belong to the caring efforts of the AMAC membership, aka the “AMAC Army.”  We hope you enjoy reading the results of a very successful year in advocacy and take comfort in knowing that you belong to a substantial organization that fights for you and delivers results.

2021 AMAC Action Advocacy Annual Report PDF

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4 months ago

All of these accomplishments are commendable, BUT, I STILL do not see any effort, by AMAC, in doing away with taxes on OUR S.S. benefits! Rep. Thomas Massie (R) KY, has proposed a bill to remove these taxes on our benefits! If the damn idiots inside the beltway had LESS access to our monies, so they’re not giving it away to other countries and illegals, there would be MORE THAN ENOUGH to pay us in our retirement years! JUST AN OBSERVATION!

4 months ago

Thanks to AMAC for the article stating the brutality of the Cuban communist regime against the peaceful opposition. Glad to see that when almost everyone turns their eyes out you stay with the values of freedom and liberty.

Judy K.
4 months ago

I would like to be the first to thank AMAC for their success in their Advocacy of those all important issues we faced in 2021. As an AMAC member and an avid reader of RBC’s many articles, even though I’ve had some complaints about comment monitoring, I’m certain it will be resolved.
I’m also surprised that not more members responded in kind regarding your fight to help defeat the Dems ‘Burden’ bill. Well, maybe I’m jumping the gun and there are some to follow. I really do appreciate what AMAC does for the people of this country. Please don’t get too big for your britches though, because when we do we can forget where we came from and the path we were originally going to take. Thanks again AMAC, and keep fighting for what’s right!
Judy Gonzales.

Marc Grivas
4 months ago
Reply to  Judy K.

It seems to me in many ways that AMAC, Jay Sekulow, and many others represent the true Anericans more than the senate and the house. Truly this is “We The People” or better said ,”We the SANE people ” in action. Thank you AMAC.

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