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AMAC Action Attends Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions Conference

By: David Robinson


“CFADD believes in family. We grow, we learn, we build. We don’t always agree on everything, but Honor the Master (God) we will.”- CFADD for Kids

On August 18th-20th, I had the pleasure of representing AMAC Action at the Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions (CFADD) inaugural family conference: “The Case for CFADD,” in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The quote above is from an original song that was sung by the youth who belong to “CFADD for Kids;” a subgroup of CFADD. This portion of the song captures the very essence of what the main theme of the conference represented. Founded by Apostle Tommy E. Quick, CFADD’s mission is to “influence the building and sustaining of strong families and strong generational heritages by promoting a biblical worldview and God first lifestyle.” AMAC Action values faith, family, and freedom, and this why we were happy to attend the conference.

In recent decades, we have seen an unnerving decline in the family structure. In one of the CFADD workshops, “The Incarceration Trap,” Dr. Derryck Green from Prager U explained the growing trend of single parent households and the effect it has on children. He also added that communities must get back to putting God first if we want to see these numbers shift in the right direction where strong marriages were far more common. Another reason Dr. Green cited for the breakdown of the family, is the failing education system that many in certain communities must endure. He highlighted that in California, 75% of Black children are below grade level in reading and writing, and at 90% in the state of Maryland. He concluded by advocating for the need to have access to school choice.

During the conference, I had the opportunity to connect with many Pastors and community leaders from around the country. Hearing their passion and goals for the communities that they serve, was encouraging. Many others in their position have given up or chosen to push an agenda that is self-serving rather than productive. The leaders that were in attendance, have been outspoken against their distrust with organizations such as Black Lives Matter, who have done a disservice to underserved communities by promoting “deconstructing the nuclear family,” which is detrimental to the people they claim to want to help. 

Lastly, I want to add the words of a chant that was done each night during the conference.  “Take a stand, CFADD members are on demand!” This serves as a reminder that there is a need for organizations like CFADD, and the importance of working together for the greater good.  In order to help create a stronger Nation, we must do these three things that the CFADD kids instructed us to do in their song. 1. Grow by promoting healthy family structures 2. Learn by giving educational opportunities to students who are forced into failing school systems and 3. Build by partnering with other leaders and helping to spread the CFADD message.

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Deborah Gabelton
11 months ago

I showed this to my granddaughter and said, “See, these are some of the good ones.” She said I am canceled again for saying that. You cannot win with these kids.

Thomas W
11 months ago

I had the pleasure of watching many of the CFADD webinars and the services and it was truly a blessing. The wealth and depth of information presented in the various topics was truly astounding and I encourage everyone to watch for themselves and share. CFADD is definitely what our nation needs.

11 months ago

Congratulations and good luck to the CFADD. We need more organizations like them.

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