About AMAC Action

Who is AMAC Action?

AMAC Action & Grassroots Advocacy: AMAC Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit conservative advocacy organization, was created to support AMAC by advancing initiatives on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures, and at the local level through grassroots advocacy. Participation is a benefit of AMAC membership.

AMAC Action Mission Statement

“AMAC Action serves to confront the myriad challenges to the United States Constitution, freedom, liberty, and the free market. Along with our Advocates, we will advance AMAC Action’s influence in Washington, D.C. in Congressional Districts, and state Legislatures across the country while acting as a recognized and valued resource for our members, Congress, state leaders, and seniors throughout America.”

What We Do

  • Identify legislation that AMAC should support or oppose on behalf of our membership
  • Promote and assist in the development of common-sense legislation consistent with conservative principles to respond to the challenges facing our membership and our Nation
  • Develop relationships with Members of Congress, state legislators, and other elected officials through the grassroots efforts of our Advocates (Delegates, Chapter Leaders, and Chapter Members) and our Government Relations Team in Washington, D.C.

How We Accomplish our Goals

  • Meet with Members of Congress in local Districts and on Capitol Hill to discuss specific legislation and issues important to AMAC members
  • Hold Meet & Greet events throughout the country connecting AMAC members with their elected representatives to discuss issues and ask questions as constituents
  • Attend events, expos, symposiums, etc. to network with like-minded individuals and organizations to expand AMAC Action’s reach and grow our national influence

AMAC Action Advocacy

  • An AMAC Action Chapter is a regional, community-based, educational forum with the purpose of:
    • Educating AMAC members and like-minded conservative members of the community
    • Networking and participating in political discourse
    • Learning about issues critical to AMAC membership and the nation
    • Providing insight into specific legislation
    • Gaining a stronger understanding of our nation’s Founding documents in order to preserve our conservative and constitutional liberties and values
    • AMAC members who would like to get involved may click here to learn more

AMAC Action Signature Issues:

H.R. 856 – Physician Pro Bono Care Act

  • Allows physicians to increase their Medicaid and CHIP-eligible patient populations by having the option to take a voluntary tax deduction in exchange for treating these patients at no charge
  • The tax deduction is commensurate to the amount of the physician’s normal and customary fees
  • Increases access to medical care by providing an alternative to costly hospital emergency rooms for primary care
  • Reduces federal and state Medicaid and CHIP expenditures
  • Click here to learn more about the H.R. 856 Physician Pro Bono Care Act

AMAC’s Plan to Preserve and Modernize Social Security

Social Security Guarantee

  • Guarantees an increase in benefits by implementing a tiered approach to cost-of-living adjustments for high earners, middle earners and low earners
  • Guarantees social security solvency by raising the retirement age gradually

Social Security Plus

  • A new way for younger people to save for retirement similar to a Roth IRA
  • Completely voluntary for the employee and employer. This is in addition to regular Social Security benefits

For details on the Social Security Guarantee & Social Security Plus click here

Addressing Drug Costs & Shortages

  • Group purchasing organizations and pharmacy benefit managers are hospital supply and prescription drug supply chain middlemen who charge “rebates” to manufacturers and suppliers for access to their contracts
  • These “rebates” are protected by a statute that makes this business practice legal, but this money negatively affects the cost of hospital supplies and in particular, the list cost of outpatient prescription drugs
  • AMAC is working with a coalition of physician and patient advocates to remove the middleman money from the hospital and prescription drug supply chains
  • Removal of this middleman money will drive down costs by many millions of dollars and open both the hospital and prescription drug supply chains to free-market competition and innovation

AMAC Action Leadership Team

AMAC Action offices are headquartered in Lady Lake, Florida with an additional office in Washington, D.C.

Bob Carlstrom, President
[email protected]

Andy Mangione, Senior Vice President
[email protected]

Jennifer Bengtson, Vice President of Operations & Advocacy
[email protected]

AMAC Action Advocacy Team:
[email protected]

AMAC Action Advocacy Team Line:

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