3 Reasons Why Pro-Life Young Adults Like Me Are Dangerous

pro-life-protestersIn general, Christian teenagers are pretty far down on the list of things considered dangerous.

But in the case of teenagers who are actively pro-life, society has made a serious underestimation. Pro-life teenagers are, without a doubt, an existential threat to the cause of abortion. Here are three reasons why.

1. They come as a surprise.

While the old Southern couples, middle-aged women, and amiable young priests are always greatly appreciated by the pro-life movement, let’s face it: leftists expect them to be pro-life, and so they are easily roasted by the liberal media.

But what the left doesn’t expect, and what it doesn’t know how to fight, is the sudden surge in pro-life youth.

Helped along by David Daleiden, Lila Rose, Ben Shapiro, and other people the liberal media ignore, the pro-life movement is steadily gaining followers—particularly teenagers.

These pro-life teens stun the media, not only because of their age, but also because of their attitude. They emit an overpowering joy, and the world is left bewildered.

Why are these young pro-lifers so obviously happy, when so much of the world ardently despises them?

The simple answer is that they genuinely love what they do, and they are grateful for the opportunity to do it.

For a stark contrast, look to the “women’s rights” activists. They emit raw unhappiness to the point of being repulsive. Who wouldn’t be unhappy, given what they stand for?

Pro-life youth are the exact opposite—they are energetic, confident, and convincing. That makes them dangerous.

2. They know their opponents. 

I’ll bet you’ve never heard a single pro-life college student request a “safe space.” Well, me neither.

That’s because those kids learned to deal with incessant opposition a long time ago. Pro-life people of any demographic live in a world where everyone from their boss to their favorite Hollywood star blatantly abhors them and their beliefs.

And when these young people aren’t getting mocked by the likes of Amy Schumer on late-night television, they are being completely ignored by the national media.

For instance, CNN routinely ignores the annual march of hundreds of thousands of people on the National Mall to protest Roe v. Wade. The image of a massive pro-life march clashes with CNN’s liberal narrative—but of course, the Women’s March made the cut, even with its “vagina” hats.

In order to survive all that liberal bias and mockery, the pro-life youth study their enemies. They quiz, debate, and harass one another until everyone knows the pro-abortion arguments, as well as their own pro-life apologetics, inside and out.

They’re not afraid to debate you. In fact, they welcome the opportunity to prove their case. Meanwhile, pro-choice propagandists have no idea how to properly debate pro-life activists, because they have been denouncing and ignoring them for years.

The pro-life youth know their enemies all too well, and yet remain strangers to their enemies, and that makes them dangerous.

3. These kids will live and die for their cause. 

They know that no matter the cost, the battle to end abortion will always be worth it.

So, they throw all they have into their cause without reservation. Heckling, jeering, spitting, cursing, and unfair arrests have no effect whatsoever on their resolve to fight.

Those displays of mean-spirited opposition only knit them closer together, harden their conviction that they are fighting against true evil, and give them a sense of heroism. (A little secret: Teenagers love to feel like heroes.)

In any event, opposition just strokes their egos and gives them something to rant about on social media. But it does not by any means discourage them. It never will.

From - The Daily Signal - by Veronica Baugh

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5 years ago

I don’t know, i think your giving young people way tooo much credit. Young people fighting to the death for something?? I seriously doubt that. I would really like to believe you, especially abortion stance. But i can’t see young people fighting for anything, even getting off mom’s couch is a big deal.

J. H. LaGave
5 years ago

The evidence is clear that for the most part mainstream media seems to think that if they don’t report pro-life events, they did’t happen. They will also give misinformation and minipulate numbers to lowball the participants attending big events. Here is a link that is an honest picture of the number of young people’s supporting one recent PL event in Washington DC! https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/time-lapse-video-shows-massive-turnout-for-2018-march-for-life
The oppositions verbal attack’s and attempts to block the freedom of speech of the attendees, did not diminish their enthusiasm for the cause. They are “Generation Pro-Life”! This is one of the greatest moments in history for young people in this country! Thank God and thank you young Americans!
Ring out, Let Life Live!

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