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$3.5 Trillion, FBI, Benefits

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This week Joe Biden continues to lie claiming that his 3.5 trillion dollar spending plan won’t cost Americans at all. The left continues to show their hypocrisy by bringing and FBI investigation against concerned parents of school children in the US. Finally, Ben is joined by Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Kurt Meyer to fill you in on money saving benefits for you and your family!

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Philip Hammersley
10 months ago

People need to quit acting like sheep; whether at a school board meeting or at the ballot box. WE are the bosses; the government is the SERVANT. DIMMs think it is the other way around!

9 months ago

If we are the bosses then nobody on our level is in charge.

James Trent
10 months ago

Trusting what Biden says about anything is like trusting Colonel Sanders to guard the henhouse.

10 months ago

It won’t cost anything because everyone will be broke. They know you can’t get blood from a turnip.

10 months ago

More of a scare tactic by the guy still mad he is not a Supreme Court Judge. Hold the line parents and Patriots.

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